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Re: [IPk] Drink and bloods

>My perspective is probably quite reflective of my being an American


If I drank 7 pints in an evening, I might expect my basal requirements to
go hay-wire in any case, so I'd have to check my bg several times in the
night as I got up to go to the loo. And the crucial thing is that an
occasional high morning bg after a good session is preferable to a very
nasty hypo. When the liver is filtering out alcohol, it cannot release its
own glucose stores if you're having a hypo, so you lose one of your main

I reckon the advice on not drinking on an empty stomach pre-dates home bg
testing, and assumes you have no idea what's going on. In my household, a
glass of chilled white wine before dinner *must* be drunk on an empty
stomach. Why else would you drink it?

Like driving, you should always test before drinking, and keep testing.


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