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Re: [IPk] Insulin for pump use

Hi again Moira

I am sooooo pleased to speak to someone that knows what I am talking about.
Sometimes I have to delay Sasha's Actrapid until after she has eaten,
otherwise she drops to low to quick.   The only meal that seems OK is
breakfast.  Have you always had this problem or was it something that
occurred later?  My clinic are not much help to me over this.  My D nurse
just changed Sasha insulin to Mixtard 10, which was useless and didn't help,
only used it three times and then decided to inject half an hour after her
evening meal.   Every so often her digestion seems OK again and we revert to
injecting with or before food.  But I have only ever spoken by Email to
another mum in the US whose son has this problem.  I also have to be careful
that if Sasha is low coming up to lunchtime that I give her something to eat
that's not too slow to digest.


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> Jackie
> I was on Actrapid when I changed over to a pump and I insisted I kept it
> way to start with. I have also have very slow digestion and would go hypo
if I
> had something as quick as Humalog. I was just being wary of new insulins
> start with as I have been allergic in the past to other insulins
> Lilly insulin. There is no reason not to use Actrapid to start with as
long as
> you remember to bolus in advance. Having said that I don't bolus in
advance and
> often spread the bolus over several hours to allow for my slow stomach
> emptying.  Hope this a bit helpful
> Moira
> Jackie Jacombs wrote:
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