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[IPk] Insulin and food

Hi all!

Bev, this rings so true (I was diagnosed, in my teens, as IDDM 28 years ago
and for the first 10 years was on once daily insulin - even more constraints
than twice! Did I rebel?!!).
If insulin-dependent diabetics don't count carbohydrate / CHO g / lines (or
whatever the terminology of the day is), how do they control their diabetes?
(Also see my other half's comments!) Could someone please educate me here?

----- Original Message ----- > I am gob-smacked that people are no longer
taught to vary
> their insulin dosage with their food...> I cannot believe that people are
not taught to vary their
> dosage as soon as they are diagnosed.  We seem to have moved
> backwards with diabetes management>
> Bev
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