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Re: [IPk] iSN'T IT TRUE MOST DOCTORSwith DM are on pumps?

Just out of interest, as a diabetes scientist I soon found that other
scientists I might on a exchange visit to Germany that were diabetic were all
on pumps. This was because they all found their control was much better, it
was much more physiological, and suited their hectic and unpredictable work
schedule. That convinced me to try it and I haven't looked back. I no longer
have to stop an experiment to keel over from a hypo nearly every day ! My life
is 'normal' and not ruled by my insulin telling me I have to eat. By the way,
because I attended scientific conferences I also had a chance to see pumps at
exhibition when other diabetics had hardly heard of them. I think people
involved in diabetes medicine or research are very aware of the consequences
of diabetes and go out of their way to make sure they get what they need even
though they risk being labelled obsessive !

John Neale wrote:

> >> I know there's been a study in the US and apparently the majority of
> >> diabetes consultants who have diabetes themselves also use a pump.
> >> Perhaps Minimed or Disetronic know the figures - Ray? Estelle?

Dr. Moira Harrison
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
University of Brighton
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