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[IPk] Gobsmacked

I am gob-smacked that people are no longer taught to vary
their insulin dosage with their food...

Dear Bev,

Frankly, so am I

When "normal" i.e non-diabetic (oops, not exactly politically correct  or
tactful, sorry) people have a meal, Nature's response is to produce enough
insulin to keep the blood sugar within reasonable limits. The amount of
insulin produced depends on the rate of rise in blood sugar and stops when
the level stops rising.(Hello, Granny - Here's how to suck an egg!)
    You still have to know the amount of CHO in your food whether you work
on the old "Once-a-day-injection-and
eat-or-you'll-have-a-hypo" or the modern
BGs-normal" system.
    With a pump, the latter system seems much more sensible and is more

    What are they being taught instead?

As an outsider I have lived with Mary's diabetes for the last 23 years, and
have seen the difference the pump has made.

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