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RE: [IPk] iSN'T IT TRUE MOST DOCTORSwith DM are on pumps?

I was reading about this only yesterday at

This quotes from a survey published in Diabetes Educator (May/June 2000),
entitled, "How Diabetes Specialists Treat Their Own Diabetes: Findings From
a Study of the AADE and ADA Membership," which was conducted by an
independent research organization to study how diabetes specialists, who
have diabetes, manage their own care. More than 50 percent of the doctors
and nurses with diabetes reported using insulin pumps rather than
traditional syringe therapy.  The survey reported healthcare professionals
using insulin pump therapy is nearly ten times higher than the rate in which
the average Type 1 diabetics use this treatment.  The study concluded that
better knowledge of the latest studies, past experience with controlling
glycemic levels, and easier access to diabetes specialists contributed to
the dramatic difference.

So the answer to the question posed in the Subject line appears to be 'Yes'
for the USA.  I wonder what it is in the UK.

	Colin - 33, DM 17 years, and still waiting for a referral to a 'pump
friendly' hospital.

> I'm not sure about this.As far as I can recall I've only ever 
> met two. One
> is a year or two younger than me and has had DM for slightly 
> less time. He
> says that he's never had any problems and was thinking about 
> MDI at one
> point but decided to stay on twice daily(? premixed). He eats 
> out with us
> sometimes in the evenings so obviously doesn't have that rigid a
> chedule( but is obviously a very good diabetic as I've never seen him
> indulge in dessert )
> The other is older, works as a consultant and is overweight ? 
> type 2 and not
> on a pump. not sure whether on oral hypoglycaemics or 
> insulin. He used to
> grab chocolates on ward rounds " to keep his sugars up" and 
> encouraged me to
> do the same so he didn't feel guilty!

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