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RE: [IPk] iSN'T IT TRUE MOST DOCTORSwith DM are on pumps?

>> I know there's been a study in the US and apparently the majority of
>> diabetes consultants who have diabetes themselves also use a pump.
>> Perhaps Minimed or Disetronic know the figures - Ray? Estelle?
>I've seen the study paper a couple of times but don't remember the
>exact number. It was over 50%, 56% as I recall, but I'm not real
>sure. I believe the study was of medical professionals, not just MD's

I know 2 UK doctors who use a pump, and I know several UK doctors with
diabetes who don't (one of whom used to use a pump, but gave it up and
prefers twice daily injections and strict diet)

And don't forget that doctors as a group are already "suitable candidates"
- they do not represent a typical cross-section of the population,


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