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RE: [IPk] Re: Dosing for protein and fats

Hi Ingrid,

If you're using humalog, do make sure to wait at least an hour before
topping up for protein. Do base it on when you usually get the highs - so if
it isn't until six hours after you eat, then don't have the topup til 2 1/2
or three hours after you eat.

If you find that covering protein helps deal with those after meal highs, do
get a pump with a square wave function. I use mine quite frequently,
particularly when I'm eating a meal with a fair amount of protein, or eating
ryvita, which I love! It's great because you don't have to remember to top
up a few hours later - you just programme it all at once. I have to dual
wave for my ryvita because ryvita are so slow acting, and even when I was on
soluble (the Lily equivalent of ActRapid), I would go low soon after eating
them and then high about six hours later. So now for my breakfast I have 1.2
units on the normal bolus and 1.3 units square waved over three hours - and
I can eat my six ryvita with impunity. On the 508 you can program both
halves of this bolus in one go using the dual wave feature. I think the new
Disetronic has a similar feature, but a D user will be able to tell you.

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