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RE: [IPk] diet, blaming the nhs etc

Abi wrote:

because a substantial proportion  of the population has a low iq or can't be
bothered is probably why dm management is cr.. at the moment. i  have
immense sympathy with medics trying to deal with people who won't, or are
intellectuallt incapable of looking after themselves. But does this make it
right that everyone should be deprived of better methods to manage their

Exactly. Why is it so much trouble for them to develop some sort of
milestone programme so that people who can't or won't handle the information
get taken so far and then their medical team regularly reinforces the
information the people can handle. People who do want to learn it all can do
so. But instead, we get the situation where everyone is told very little -
and then staff make comments about people not wanting to look after
themselves! But in order to look after yourself, you have to have the tools
to do it. Some people can go and find the tools themselves, but quite a lot
of people need to be given the tools and don't realise they can find them
themselves - particularly as we live within a medical model that teaches
doctor knows best. I still have not come across an Irish diabetes clinic
with an education programme. Most people don't learn if you don't teach them
in the first place.

I think I've told this story here before, but I'll tell it again. When I was
diagnosed and I had my first meeting with the diabetes nurse (this was in
San Fransisco), she told me it's best to eat healthy and you'll be better
off if you eat healthy, and we'll help you with that. Now if you want to eat
soda and candy all the time, we can help you manage that too, but you'll do
much better if you're eating healthy. I think that attitude is a much more
productive one than just dropping the food management programme because most
people don't do it in reality, and I think it's an attitude that allows for
people who can't or won't while giving excellent support to people who can
and will.

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