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Re: [IPk] Re: Dosing for protein and fats

Hi Bev

Sasha seems to get these strange highs when she eats things like chips and
chicken burgers, goujons, sausages etc and sometimes food with high fat
content or chicken drumsticks.  I find that even on a fairly high carb diet
which she seems to eat, (we do have a lot of wholemeal bread and cereals and
fresh fruit) she often doesn't eat lots of meat' her bg are more stable
than when she eats more than a couple of oz of protein.

I don't think that the lows are rebounds because she never seems to have
rebounds, which is slightly worrying in itself.  If she goes low 2.8 3.5 and
we treat it, but her bg seldom goes high later, it usually only seems to
rise in the response to the amount of carb given.  She has in the past had
five or six seizures at night when she goes low, and  again after I have
treated her unless we have really overdone the carbs she tends to just go
back to "normal readings" no big highs over 10mmls
We have highs later with pizza and pasta but the high are usually only a
little while later and not 1AM or 2 AM   (6 to 7 hours later) and are more
easy to deal with.

Sasha does seem to have a slow digestion anyway and I have to be careful
that the insulin doesn't "get ahead"of the food absorption.  Frequently
after eating a normal evening meal she will dip down to 3.5, 3.8  - 4 mmls a
couple of hours after her evening meal and then complain of feeling low, if
we have to treat the low we have to do so with a minimal amount 1 glucose
tab etc as her bg then seems to go higher after 2 = or 3 hours.  I am
reluctant to try Humalog type insulin for her as I think it would be too
quick except perhaps in the morning when her tummy is empty and the
absorption seems to be more normal.


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> I had not come across this before and it might explain my
> "Linda McCartney Chilli phenomena" when I always need more
> insulin than suggested by the CHO on the box.  One other
> thought, if Sasha is going low could it not be an
> auto-response to the low that is sending her high?  When I
> was on a pen and had highs in the morning it was always
> difficult to work out whether this was as a result of a
> night-time hypo or a requirement for more insulatard.  I had
> to set the alarm and monitor it through the night.  If it is
> a response to too low a blood sugar after eating it may that
> less actrapid will solve the problem.  How low does Sasha go
> after eating?
> Bev
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