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[IPk] Dosing for protein and fats

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can make any suggestions to help.  Sasha is 7 years old
and is on Actrapid and Insulatard.  Frequently when she eats food containing
protein or fat her bg tend to stay low for a few hours and even dip, even
though I have counted the carbs, but later at 11:00 PM when I test her
before I go to bed her bg are raised 11 - 14 mmls and they will stay up all
through the night if I don't correct.   How did those who inject or used to
inject before pumping treat this ?  I can't increase the dose of Actrapid as
she often goes quite low 3.5 to 4.0 etc a couple of hours after eating her
evening meal then her bg go up at 11 or even later at 1.00 AM.  We had to
cope with this happening a lot when we were on holiday and it meant having
to get up at 2am and sometimes AM to check that she wasn't going to low or
if her bg was still high.  Would one increase the insulatrad on these
occasions?  I worry about her going low in the early hours as she seems to
have little or no dawn phenomena and her bg seldom rise between 5 AM and  7

Does this happen to everyone, and how do you dose for protein and fat that
"comes through" later.

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