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Re: [IPk] DAFNE and tanning

I don't think it's fair to talk about the NHS being ignorant or slow. I was
diagnosed in 1977 in Bristol, and put on a fixed carbohydrate diet with
fixed insulin injections twice day. The hospital made changes to my dose as
necessary. Home blood testing was not really available then, but home urine
testing was, and that was done twice a day.

As far as I can work out, sometime in the 1980s the fixed-carb diet went
out of fashion with medical professionals. The reason was that they finally
accepted that although patients were told to eat fixed amounts of carb at
fixed times, in practice they didn't do it. Don't forget - roughly half the
population has an IQ less than 100. We are not all budding food scientists.
And most people are more interested in pleasure today than good health in
40 years time. They calculated that your would get a healthier diabetic
population by advocating the "healthy diet" which people could
realistically stick to, rather that the restricted carb diet that people
didn't stick to. So when the fixed-carb diet was abandoned, it was the
result of a careful calculation about what actually happens in the real

Since then, things have changed yet again. People are far more interested
in being involved in their own dosage adjustments and blood testing. And
Humalog has come along, which allows you to aim the insulin at the food,
rather than the food at the insulin. This may explain why DAFNE is now
being examined.

>Hi, I'm German and have had IDM for 22 years.  When going on the Pen in 1984
>(after having been on two injections and a strict diet previously) we were
>taught carbohydrate counting and adjusting insulin-dosages accordingly
>straight away - and told to measure our bg's often.

Brigitte - I'm British, but I've been working in Germany for several years,
and I firmly believe that the national culture in Germany is fundementally
different from in Britain. Sorry if this sounds rascist or xenophobic, but
Germans do like being told what to do - particularly by doctors. That is
why toothpaste adverts usually feature a dentist in a white coat. This may
explain why diabetes education can be more intensive and stronger in
Germany. That is why your doctor can send you to the "diabetes village" for
a one week residential course (paid for by your health insurance).


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