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RE: [IPk] obsessive

Julian and Abigail

I hope I didn't offend anyone!  I went through a stage about a year ago of 
almost giving up - I was bored of testing, I was eating inappropriately, 
going out and drinking more than I should, and had basically stopped taking 
good care of myself.  But I was happy!

Then I had to buy a new meter (I bought a PocketScan) and on the side of the 
box was a web address.  So I plugged the address in, and bingo!  I was 
hooked, and I started reading about DM, and I joined this list and another 
couple.  I also started testing more, for the first time in 9 years I 
injected in public and I found it easier to talk about my DM for the first 
time ever.

But at the same time my frustration with so many different aspects of DM 
came to a head that ultimately I was not as happy as I was when I was being 

That's all...


>From: Julian Doncaster <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: RE: [IPk] obsessive
>Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 10:14:42 +0100
>I agree with you but would say "the necessary to manage the condition"
>rather than "obsession".
>(So far) I have had no problems with people about injecting in public etc.
>Doubtless they will arrive.
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> > From: Abigail King [mailto:email @ redacted]
> > Sent: 15 August 2001 11:15
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> > Subject: [IPk] obsessive
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> >
> > Ingrid
> > Back to your comment about life expectancy. I guess most
> > medics would say
> > all of us on this list are obsessive ( the majority having something
> > attached to us,or sticking ourselves with needles 5 or 6
> > times per day and
> > pricking our fingers between 4 and 10+ times, not to mention
> > spending lots
> > of time emailing each other)
> > some people would probably say that some of us would be healthier ( ie
> > better attitude) if we stopped rudely doing our bms in public
> > ( including,
> > shock, horror, in the swimming pool changing room), ignored
> > our diabetes,
> > ate exactly the same meal at exactly the same time every day,
> > never touched
> > sugar in any form, checked bg once a day and as a consequence
> > suffered from
> > debilitating high and low bgs with all the consequent long
> > term effects,
> > after which we would hang our heads when medics clicked their teeth
> > disaprovingly saying " if only we had looked after ourselves better"
> > or " well what can you expect, you;re diabetic"
> > I feel it's ok to be obsessive if this leads us on to
> > achieving results or
> > demanding better therapies that do allow us to achieve results. I'm
> > obsessive. DM is on my mind a lot. I feel smug ( or perhaps
> > exilerated) when
> > I manage to achieve persistantly good bg throughout the day (
> > I also feel
> > physically better) I feel therefore that this obsession is a
> > positive thing
> > After morning surgery today, at about 11.45 am my trainer
> > came into my room
> > just at the point when I was squeezing blood onto the test
> > strip and was
> > embarassed and apologetic...I wander why? is it just the
> > reminder of chronic
> > illness?....Any way, i wasn't embarassed and my BG ws 7.4
> > I'm just delighted that a) I've got the tools to monitor my BG
> > b) I've the tools to maintain it within reasonable limits for
> > much of the
> > time which means I've a far greater chance of maintaining health  and
> > reasonable independance than I had prior to the pump or if I had been
> > unlucky enough to be diagnosed in the bad old days
> > I sometimes still get frustrated or despondant, or scared but
> > on the whole I
> > don't mind having dm nearly so much now. Sometimes I think
> > I'm almost lucky.
> > It does give you a unique perspective on life and you don't
> > take things
> > quite as much for granted ( I'd stil rather not have it of course)
> > I just wish that everyone with dm had access to the best
> > treatment that they
> > were capable of using, regardless of what some crusty old doctor , who
> > should have retired, thinks
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