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RE: [IPk] obsessive

Yes, my current consultant called me both crazy and obssessed. I didn't go
for him at the time because that was the 'give me a pump appointment', but
if he mentions it again I will point out to him that a) I've never collapsed
or been admitted to casualty for a diabetes-related condition b)I'm much
less likely to develop complications because of my management approach, as
proved by study after study and c) I consider his attitude medically
negligent. It's interesting, because I've spoken to two other people who
have or have had this consultant, and no one has anything pleasant to say
about him. He's insulting, condescending, ingnorant, etc, etc, and the names
people have called him. I think all those things too, but I have a slight
amount of tolerance for him because if I argue with him enough he gives me
what I want. And why is it wrong to be 'obsessive' with staying alive and

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