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RE: [IPk] DAFNE project

I get so upset about all this, and one of the reasons I go into diabetes
appointments with so much anger in me is because they don't teach anybody
anything in Ireland. I asked my current dietician what they told new
diabetics and her answer was, eat a healthy diet! What the [insert favourite
expletive] does that mean??? And how do you adjust your insulin to match it?
I was taught properly when I was diagnosed (and I am constantly thankful
that I wasn't diagnosed in Ireland) and, while my bgs often leave a lot to
be desired, often due to laziness on my part, I am, comparatively speaking,
doing quite well. So I'm okay, but I am very angry for everyone else, and I
really don't know where I can begin to change things. As far as I'm
concerned, they're pretty much all guilty of medical negligence at the
minimum, simply because they don't educate people. And the ironic thing
about it is that they create more work for themselves because they don't
give people the skills to manage their own insulin regime!

So it's nice to see that the UK medical establishment is finally catching up
with what educated diabetics have been doing for the past ten or fifteen
years. I just hope the trend catches on in Ireland soon. There's an old
saying, when the UK sneezes, Ireland catches a cold. Perhaps it will work to
our benefit this time!

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