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[IPk] carb counting, results, etc.

I had a meeting in the day centre yesterday with my nurse, who is generally
quite good, informed, and supportive, and she pointed out to me that at up
to 25 units a day and 17g per unit, one unit should lower my BG 3.56 mmol.
And I said, but that's not right - it lowers it 2.8 mmol. And then some
bells started going off in my head the more I thought about it. Particularly
as, a few months ago, I actually did my math for a day and the numbers on
both sides of the equation didn't balance. Basically, I realised that my
insulin usage didn't match my carb properly. Instead of going back to my
books and reworking everything I just pushed it out of my mind because too
many other things were occupying the space.

But I did get the books out this morning and, based on results from last
night (when I conveniently had to lower an early morning BG), I redid my
numbers and I'm now working with 1 unit=16g/3.3mmol. And we'll see how that
goes. I also have to review my basals, because there are times during the
day when I really do get only 2.8 mmol/unit, so perhaps my basals need to be
adjusted slightly.

So for a change, I found a diabetes medical visit productive and useful. It
also focussed my attention more fully on the fact that I haven't been taking
advantage of my pump because I haven't been chrunching my numbers. For
example, I had a BG of 10.8 after my tea the other night, and this was
completely rediculous because I had had the carb values of the foods
available to me - I just guessed and didn't both to check if I had actually
taken enough insulin. So I'm replacing my digital scale (which got smashed
moving house) and being good for a while. We'll see what happens. At least
it should give me better results before my next day centre visit - they were
absolutely terrible for the last week!

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