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Re: [IPk] DAFNE and tanning

Hi, I'm German and have had IDM for 22 years.  When going on the Pen in 1984
(after having been on two injections and a strict diet previously) we were
taught carbohydrate counting and adjusting insulin-dosages accordingly
straight away - and told to measure our bg's often.  I then got a pump which
I had for seven years (and which was really the same principle, only a lot
more reliable and stable) and which I had to leave behind when moving to
Scotland at the start of 1995.  I did not like going back on the Pen and was
shocked at the backwards attitude towards diabetes management in this
country - I was given a fixed scheme of injections and told that checking
your bg's twice a week was quite enough.  I still carried on with free meals
and adjusting my insulin accordingly, but had wild swings, despite frequent
bg  measurements, which were not much helped by speaking to my diabetes
doctor or nurse, as there did not seem to be a great understanding of the
relationship between carbohydrate-intake and insulin-requirement.  Adjusting
insulin according to carbohydrate-intake does seem the most logical thing in
the world to me, especially with the new short-acting insulins that are now
on the market - and I am glad that the UK finally seems to be catching up
with the rest of the world.  I have also had a pump now for four, or is it
five, months, and feel that I have been given a new lease of life.
I do not think that pumps are for everyone, but I believe that they should
be made available to a lot more people than is currently the case, as they
so much improve quality of life.

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> I am gob-smacked that people are no longer taught to vary
> their insulin dosage with their food.  When I was first
> diagnosed (24 yrs ago) and on 2 injections a day I had to eat
> a set amount of CHO for meals at set times and had to CHO
> count (10g CHO = 1 line and I could have 6 lines for dinner
> etc).  This changed when I got my pen (12 yrs ago?) and I was
> encouraged to vary my dosages. This meant that no longer was
> I trying to eat a chocolate bar unnoticed in lectures because
> my lunch was due halfway through a lecture.  I had read that
> CHO counting was now frowned upon but I didn't realise it
> meant this.  I didn't exactly CHO count with my pen.  I just
> knew how much insulin (or rather clicks) I required for
> different food (12 years of experience).  Going on the pump
> meant I had to start again becaue the amount of insulin that
> I require for those same foods is now less and I now CHO
> count.
> I cannot believe that people are not taught to vary their
> dosage as soon as they are diagnosed.  We seem to have moved
> backwards with diabetes management.  People must feel they
> will never have a normal life again.  How depressing!
>  - On a more trivial note, has anyone experienced my tanning
> problem with the invisible adhesive residue from previous
> infusion sites resulting in nice white (untanned) oblongs on
> their abdomens after sunbathing?  Perhaps I need stronger
> soap and a scrubbing brush.
> Bev
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