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[IPk] obsession, mixed insulins, CHO assessment and so on

I agree with you 100% on being obsessive, Abi!

I think doctors get hold of the wrong end of the stick because they look
at what 'obsessive' diabetics do and the nearest 'normal' human
behaviour they can come up, in terms of repetition, time spent, anxiety,
etc. is obsessive-compulsive behaviour*. What they don't spot is that
while, say, going back and checking that you've locked the back door
eight times before leaving the house and measuring your blood glucose
eight times a day have very different impacts on life. Yes, it's good to
check the back door once (or maybe twice, if you're forgetful) because
you might be burgled, but the sixth or eight check adds nothing to your
security.  The sixth or eight bg measurement, on the other hand, could
be the one that picks up an unexpected low before driving, or helps you
spot that baked beans seem to drive your blood glucose higher than they
should do, given how much carbohydrate they have in them (anyone else
find this??).

By not giving people single insulins, not teaching them carbohydrate
assessment (or one of its kin), etc., doctors limit how much diabetics
can do to respond to their findings, and thereby make bg measurement
much more like checking the back door ... you can find it's unlocked,
but you don't have a key ...

Best wishes to all,

*this may be because they're doctors.  Anthropologists would be more
likely to see our behaviour in terms of participation in ritual ... oh,
don't get me started on ritual, or I'll be half-way through yet another
re-write of chapter 2 before we know it!
DM 30+, 508 4months +, addicted to analogy 
Pat Reynolds
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   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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