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[IPk] obsessive

Back to your comment about life expectancy. I guess most medics would say
all of us on this list are obsessive ( the majority having something
attached to us,or sticking ourselves with needles 5 or 6 times per day and
pricking our fingers between 4 and 10+ times, not to mention spending lots
of time emailing each other)
some people would probably say that some of us would be healthier ( ie
better attitude) if we stopped rudely doing our bms in public ( including,
shock, horror, in the swimming pool changing room), ignored our diabetes,
ate exactly the same meal at exactly the same time every day, never touched
sugar in any form, checked bg once a day and as a consequence suffered from
debilitating high and low bgs with all the consequent long term effects,
after which we would hang our heads when medics clicked their teeth
disaprovingly saying " if only we had looked after ourselves better"
or " well what can you expect, you;re diabetic"
I feel it's ok to be obsessive if this leads us on to achieving results or
demanding better therapies that do allow us to achieve results. I'm
obsessive. DM is on my mind a lot. I feel smug ( or perhaps exilerated) when
I manage to achieve persistantly good bg throughout the day ( I also feel
physically better) I feel therefore that this obsession is a positive thing
After morning surgery today, at about 11.45 am my trainer came into my room
just at the point when I was squeezing blood onto the test strip and was
embarassed and apologetic...I wander why? is it just the reminder of chronic
illness?....Any way, i wasn't embarassed and my BG ws 7.4
I'm just delighted that a) I've got the tools to monitor my BG
b) I've the tools to maintain it within reasonable limits for much of the
time which means I've a far greater chance of maintaining health  and
reasonable independance than I had prior to the pump or if I had been
unlucky enough to be diagnosed in the bad old days
I sometimes still get frustrated or despondant, or scared but on the whole I
don't mind having dm nearly so much now. Sometimes I think I'm almost lucky.
It does give you a unique perspective on life and you don't take things
quite as much for granted ( I'd stil rather not have it of course)
I just wish that everyone with dm had access to the best treatment that they
were capable of using, regardless of what some crusty old doctor , who
should have retired, thinks
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