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I've seen the mails going about re the Dafne project/control/pumps, etc.

My control with MDI was appalling and despite playing by the rules, my HbA1c
were regularly in the teens, resulting from regular Bg's of between 12 and

Before the pump I'd been on pens for the last 15 or so years and in the end
was approaching my control in a very similar way to that of the pump.  I was
injecting each time I ate with varying amounts depending on what I was
eating - sometimes resulting in 8 or 9 injections a day ...

My clinic applied for me to go on a Dafne course at a local hospital and
were also looking at the possibility of pump therapy.  It took a year to get
funding for the pump and (don't you know it) the letter saying I'd got into
Dafne came on the second day of me 'pumping' saline to get used to the

Even after 3 months the opinion of my consultant about pumps is sceptical to
say the least.  I rang recently to thank her for getting me pumping and was
met with the response that I "would need a lot more support than just the
pump to get my Bg's where we want them".

I'm sorry if I seem to be on a bit of a rant but with the pump I feel as if
I've woken up from a ten-year sleep.  I am really happy with my Bg's most of
the time - I potter along between 4 and 9 most of the time with some highs
up to 12.  The highs are mostly mornings but even these are becoming less of
a regularity.  I go for my first 'fully-pumped' HbA1c next month and I can't
wait - I will be very interested to find out what they think I should be at

All steam vented now :o)

Best Wishes

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