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[IPk] DAFNE project

wonderful news that Sacsha is doing so well.I think it's true that knowing
you can have a treat fosters a more healthy outlook to food
I just think it's abysmal that all children are stuck on a twice daily
premixed regime without being offered an alternative unless they, or their
parents really push themselves, which makes it hard to control even if meals
are kept constant ( to make any kind of adjustment you need to get
permission from a doctor ie get a prescription for a different mix)
Why was there so much opposition to splitting the pm dose? I thought that
hypo at 2am and/ or high bg on waking was a common phenomenon that can
often be alleviated by having the intermediate acting dose later. It seems
almost as if medical professionals don't want to wear out their biros by
writing three items on a prescription as opposed to two
Abi ( who believes that premixed insulins should never have been invented
and who is, as usual, having a go at her own profession)
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