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[IPk] Holidays, infusion sites, exercise etc

Hi everyone

After reading the depressing stuff about life expectancy I
thought I would chip in with some better news.

I have just got back from a week in Menorca.  I was a little
nervous about going with the pump (only 2.5 weeks on it when
I left!) but it went really well.  BGM's excellent (2.9 - 9.8
for the week and most between 4 & 8).  My insulin absorption
increased in the hot weather (90 - 95 deg F) and I was able
to eat throughout the day to keep it normal (snickers
ice-creams on the beach and the odd doughnut round the pool).
It was like a holiday from diabetes really.  Following the
discussion before I left re: the need to keep the pump cool,
I compromised.  While by the pool I left it in its leather
case and on the beach I placed it in its Frio pouch to keep
the sand out as well as to keep it cool.  As the pump was
clipped to my bikini it remained in full sun all day long.

I experienced no problems with lack of adhesion at the
infusion sites.  I kept them as low as could on the abdomen
(for vanity really - they were completely hidden inside my
bikini bottoms and I could just clip the pump to my bikini
bottoms at the hip) this meant that being covered they didn't
become covered in sun cream and no amount of swimming seemed
to dislodge them at all.  One interesting thing though was as
I tanned (OK went a little red and freckly) you could make
out the perfect oblongs of my previous 2 or 3 infusion sites
which remained white.  I had an interesting geometric pattern
on my abdomen.  I assume this is because of some remnant of
the adhesive left on the skin despite all the subsequent
baths and showers.  Has anyone else had this?  Anyway it may
be a tip to move the infusion sites low for a week or so
before going away in case you get this effect - probably a
lot worse for somebody who really tans!

Back to the exercise saga, I went for a run yesterday to see
if the fix last time remained effective (basal rate lowered
from 0.5 to 0.3 for the hour before running and then back up
to 0.6 (it increases from 0.5 to 0.6 at midday) 15 mins
before running).  My BGM was 6.8 30 mins before running and
7.8 30 mins after.  It remained around 7 all afternoon.  I am
feeling much more confident now about exercise in general.
It was never this stable when running and using the pen.

Thanks for all the tips.


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