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> This technology offers the prospect of significant clinical benefits to
a minority of patients
> with Type 1 diabetes who cannot achieve good glycaemic control by other

It is excellent that this issue is being debated, no doubt because of a
lot of hard work by INPUT and others. I wonder how the NICE pontificators
will define this "minority" and the "other means" which will have to be
excluded first?  A bad-case interpretation of that part of the press
release would be that you have to be in a bad way before you can even
consider pump therapy.  How ill would you have to be?  Would you have to
look likely to fulfil the stated "20 year reduction in life expectancy"
criterion to be defined as a suitable candidate?

Katharine, who has found that the last six months of life with a pump has
been the equivalent, in terms of quality, of quite a few years of life
without it......



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