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Re: [IPk] "Bad sites" (sofset)

>Sorry!  There's a picture of one at

Also we have a list of various infusion sets at


SofSets can be used with Disetronic pumps - no problem. It's just that they
are made and sold only by MiniMed, so you have to get them from
MiniMed/AMT. There's also a new version called the Quick-Set, which many
people prefer, as it disconnects flush with the skin, rather than leaving
that dangly bit with a nobble on it.

Disetronic make a similar infusion set called the UltraFlex, but for legal
patenting reasons I'm told it can't be sold in Europe.

Mary - if you haven't tried them yet, and are having trouble with SofSets,
do try the Rapids (they have a needle going straight in) or try the
Tender/Silhouettes. No injection gun, but because you put it in yourself,
you can see if it has buckled or crimped, and after you've put it in it
remains much more visible.


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