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[IPk] defeatist attitude

I sometimes feel that this attitude prevails among doctors lookng after
patients with DM ie, if the blood glucose is not adequately controlled on 2
(or maybe 4 injections) per day, it must be due to non compliance on the
part of the patient. If this is clearly not the case it's a case of " well
thats DM. Nothing can be done about it"   There was actually an editorial in
the BMJ in1997 stating that bg testing is on the whole a waste of resources
and that every unecessary test wastes 28 p of the NHSs resources. It more or
less implied that BG fluctuates dangerously in some IDDMS and that nothing
can be done about this ( surely as Di said, this is even more of a reason to
test)  Testing apparently causes an unhealthy obsession. Fortunately some
more enlightened people replied in a later edition re multiple insulin
injections, and improving control by dose adjustment, the advisability of
testing befrore driving, sport etc) I'm afraid I can't remember the
reference but will try to dig it out if anyone's interested. So far I've
been lucky with GPs prescribing strips but fear altercation as my average
seems to be increasing from 5 per day  to 6 or 7.

It;s amazing the things that people still believe. A practice nurse was
talking about a fellow student who trained with her (some years ago) ,with
DM. Apparently she often indulged with cream cakes and was always getting
ill and having to be " carted off to hospital" during the night, until the
matron said that unless she took better care of herself she would have to
give up nursing
The sad thing is that she actually believed that the reason for acute
illness was cream cakes rather than DKA or hypos due to suboptimal insulin
therapy, and rather than advising patients that such treats should only be
had occasionally because of the general implications of an unhealthy diet
increasing risk of future complications, she probably terrifies them out of
having any treats at all, or causes complete rebellion when patients realise
that there are no immediate repurcussions

Abi ( who has already wasted #1.12 of the NHSs resources today and who plans
to squander at least another 56p)
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