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[IPk] Re: Taking a break

My mind also boggles at the thought that taking a break from measuring
blood glucose might be ok on injections.

Since my blood glucose was far more unpredictable on injections than on
the pump, I cannot imagine any way that could have been justifiable,
and would have been much too scared not to measure, whereas, with less
unpredictable blood glucose on the pump, I do not feel major fear or
guilt if I miss the occasional measurement - though about 98% of the
time I measure before all meals and last thing at night.

The statements about 'the majority of diabetics only measure 8 times a
month or less' may not be very relevant to this list.  Most (though not
all) pump users are type 1 diabetics.  Most diabetics (in the UK I
think  well over 90% - but please correct me if you know otherwise) are
type 2, and most type 2 diabetics have less widely varying blood
glucose levels than type 1's - while I can't understand the defeatist
attitude of doctors who don't even try to get type 2 diabetics to
monitor their blood glucose readily (seems to me like gross
negligence), I can well understand the attitude of someone like my
brother-in-law who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years
ago, measured blood glucose 3-4 times a day for the first few weeks,
and then when as a result of diet and exercise, he got to a stage where
all the measurements were in the normal range, dropped to measuring
only a couple of times a week unless he feels unwell.


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