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Re: [IPk] "Bad sites"

>>Fairly frequently, I reckon about once every five or so set changes, I
>>experience a problem which is causing me a lot of trouble.  I use
>>products.  When I insert the needle (I use the "Sof-serter"), the
>>kinks either outside my body or just under the skin , 


It's not exactly the same thing, but I started out using Sof-sets with
the automatic inserter and ran into problems with the needle occasionally
either bending on the way in or the site being immediately painful and/or
bleeding and turning out to have a kinked cannula.  It always happened in
my upper abdomen, where I do have a little bit of muscle, and  I wondered
if it was to do with me flinching as the sof-serter fired.  Anyway I
never did like the automatic inserters and ended up using Silhouettes
instead.  The big needle's a bit scary, but I prefer being in control of
the insertion of it and if I do hit a tough site, I can stop and try
somewhere else.  I haven't had the bent needle/cannula problem with the
Silhouettes  (yet...)

Not sure if that's relevant, but just a thought.



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