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[IPk] "Bad sites"

I'd appreciate any advice / comments on my experience with what I call "bad

Fairly frequently, I reckon about once every five or so set changes, I
experience a problem which is causing me a lot of trouble.  I use MiniMed
products.  When I insert the needle (I use the "Sof-serter"), the cannula
kinks either outside my body or just under the skin, and a couple of hours
later I become ketotic.  I have no warning that this has happened until I
develop the unpleasant symptoms of ketosis, and I then have the choice of
giving an injection (which is usually erratically absorbed, one of the reasons
I switched to the pump, and interferes with pump function later) or resiting
the pump and risking that that one too might not have inserted properly and an
even higher bg (I can get up to 35 mmol in a couple of hours, so this is
potentially dangerous).  For me the "lag time" between bolusing and seeing an
effect is about 1.5-2 hours, so testing before two hours isn't useful (and
often isn't practical).  I change site first thing in the morning and then
have breakfast - it isn't practical to change it at other times of day, and
going to work without breakfast is not an option! - so can mean very high bgs
if this occurs.  It doesn't happen 80+% of the time, so I don't think my
technique is faulty.  I've tried a new Sof-serter, and it still happens.  I am
fairly muscular, and switching to the "Micro" sets improved my control
overnight but didn't seem to address this problem.  When I get a "bad site",
the rest of the day is effectively kaput.

The needle is never bent, so the cannula must be splitting for this to happen.
Has anyone else experienced this?  Could it be a product fault (MiniMed?) or
is it me, if the latter what might I be doing wrong?

Any ideas?

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