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Re: [IPk] Is my Accutrend past its best?

Jenny writes
>By the way, I expected my blood to be high as I had
>eaten about an hour previously. I have tried
>increasing my bolus but then I go hypo later. I have
>also skipped meals to check that my basal rates are
>ok. I am thinking that maybe I need to bolus an hour
>or so about eating - I know that I shouldn't need to
>with Humalog but my body seems a bit peculiar!?!?!

The gurus say that you shouldn't worry until 2 hours after a meal - what
do you get then?  Is it the same with all meals?  (all-meals-through-
the-day and different carb-to-calorie ratio and glyceaemic indices).
Also could it be that you are going hypo while eating, or just after,
and what you are seeing is a rebound?  Humalog is slow in some people
(me included).  Since most people on pumps use it just after eating, or
in the middle of eating, experimenting with five or ten mins before
might be better than jumping all the way to an hour.  But hey - the
golden rule is, if it works, and fits in with the way you want to live
your life, you're onto a winner, no matter whether or not it's 'normal'.

By the way - got my pocket scan to talk to my computer (finally)
yesterday, to get some wierd errors that I'm going to call them about.
Mostly non-worrying errors (like, the meter thinks it is 2006), but one
worrying error is that meter thinks it is plasma-calibrated rather than
whole-blood calibrated.  

Best wishes to all,


Dm30+, 508 4months+
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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