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[IPk] Is my Accutrend past its best?

Hi all, 

A queer thing happened today: two readings from the
same finger prick gave me readings of 1) Lo and 2)
19.4 !!

This is an Accutrend machine that I have had for
several years. I prefer the Esprit, but get through
the strips like nobody's business. There was plenty of
blood the first time, so I have no idea why the
reading was as it was. 

Should I worry that the meter is faulty or is this
just one of those fluky things that happens?

By the way, I expected my blood to be high as I had
eaten about an hour previously. I have tried
increasing my bolus but then I go hypo later. I have
also skipped meals to check that my basal rates are
ok. I am thinking that maybe I need to bolus an hour
or so about eating - I know that I shouldn't need to
with Humalog but my body seems a bit peculiar!?!?!


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