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[IPk] Re: disetronic buttons and hot weather (separately!)

I'm just catching up on email after a holiday in Scotland and England,
and have miscellaneous assorted comments and questions on things which
have appeared recently on the list.

About the Disetronic buttons, which it is claimed could be pressed too
easily, I am currently having the opposite problem.  I have been using
a Distronic pump (still the H-tron plus) now for almost 3 years - with
the trial pump and the first pump (i.e. first 2 years +) I had no
problems with the buttons, never inadvertantly gave a bolus or made any
other change without intending to do so, but with the second pump,
which I received last February, the buttons appear sluggish - have to
press really hard and deliberately to make them work, and sometimes
even then have to repeat the pressure to get the response - although
the pump has never actually failed to respond to repeated pressure, I
am a little worried about this - anyone else had this experience? do
you think I should contact my Disetronic rep about it? one thing I
should add is that while I noticed this happening since February, it
has perhaps become worse since June, when because I was travelling to a
conference, eating meals in restaurants with colleagues etc, I decided
to turn off the beeps - I am not sure if this has actually made it
worse, or just that if I do not take care to look at the pump and see
what is going on the effects can be worse.  One of the reasons I left
the beeps off is because not suprisingly, the batteries last much
longer that way.

Another issue which I noticed had been discussed is hot weather - where
I live now, the weather is, by English standards (lived in England the
first 39 years of my life) hot, often very hot, during daylight hours,
for about 7 months of the year, and what I have found (based now on 3
springs with DM) is that at the start of the first hot period of the
year, my insulin requirements often do plummet, but that evidently my
body adjusts to the heat and insulin requirements return more or less
to previous levels within a few days.  Also someone raised the point
about adhesive of infusion sets not sticking so well in the heat -
obviously I am at work most days, and not on the beach like someone on
holiday, but I do often walk about outside in the heat, and I find that
in general the infusion sets stick just as well as in the winter - just
occasionally there seems to be some combination of extra humidity (it
is usually fairly dry heat here), unfortunate placement of an infusion
set, maybe hormones or whatever, which cause a set not to remain in
place the 4-6 days which I usually manage.

About exercise - on our holiday we did lots of hiking in Scotland, and
unfortunately, I just did not manage in the ideal intelligent manner to
keep my blood glucose on the straight and narrow, but thanks to the
pump, I did only have minor hypos every day, and landed up munching
granola bars each day an hour or two into the walking, which was quite
nice!  at that time I did also set a temporary lowered basal rate,
which helped, but all in all this just seems to be part of the lousy
control I have had in recent months - on the strength of the extra
post-holiday energy, I have arranged to see my endocrinologist
tomorrow, which I had been making excuses for myself for months not to
do, so am hoping he will be helpful. 
Also incidentally our last few days on holiday were spent in London for
a family wedding, and the excitement and activity of the gathering of
the clans (all my 5 siblings, plus a fair sample of their spouses and
offspring were there) and of buzzing around being eldest sister and
organizing food and other things for them all within the confines of my
mother's small flat proved at least as effective for lowering blood
sugar as hiking.


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