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Re: [IPk] Disetronic webchat last night

This posting was one of two postings originally sent 18:01 on 1 August but
not recieved at IP-UK for some reason. So here it is again. JD.

Thanks for the info Di - I probably remembered the infusion
bit wrongly.  I was bombarded with information for an hour
and a half!  I was also told that the Disetronic was easier
to program by mistake because it only took one button click
to program a bolus compared to 2 for the Minimed (isn't it
actually a minimum of 3?).  I think this was my specialist's
main objection.  John Davies told me of a case in the USA
where somebody had crashed their car as a result of a hypo
caused by the seal-belt buckle activating multiple boluses
with a Disetronic (is boluses the plural of bolus?).  It was
interesting to see the chatroom notes though because Zoe had
a Disetronic and seemed very happy with it.  I was really
put-off at the start of my trial but that might have been
because I was influenced by my specialists pre-conceptions -
and she doesn't wear a pump of any type!


Hi Bev,

If I could just make a correction here!

What I think I said was that there had been a report of someone having an
ongoing pattern of low blood sugar readings in the States whilst driving his
car. Apparently after checking the bolus screen he found 9 boluses within
an 8 minute time frame. These had been in increments of 0.1 to 1.0 totalling
2.4 units.

After investigation by Disetronic it was discovered that the seat belt of
his car was pressing on the up button. At no stage did he crash the car! I
understand that this problem has now been corrected.

John Davis
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