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Re: [IPk] Still struggling with exercise

Dear Jenny,
I have found when i exercise that my body changes from day to day and that i 
have no hard and fast rules.  It also depends how hot and what the exercise 
is. My main sports are golf, cycling, and swimming. With swimming i go on a 
Sunday morning and i have my breakfast as usual. Normally i will have between 
3 and 5 units of humalog in the morning for breakies. on a swimming day i 
half or third the insulin i use and reduce my basal rate by 40% 1 hour before 
swimming. I play golf competitions a lot on a sundays at 1pm. I normally 
don't eat before i go, so on the way round. (This normally takes three hours 
and is at least a six mile walk) i test my blood 3 Xs. I act accordingly for 
it. If it is over 11mmol i take between. point 5 units and 1 unit. I also 
only reduce my basal between 20% and nothing.
Cycling i eat a sweaty and some fruit before i go. and as soon as i come in i 
test my blood.  I normally take about 2-3 units of humalog after i finish 
exercise as i have a very sharp rise in blood sugars when i am finished, and 
then about 3 hours after i have to be very careful for hypos.
Mind you have to be careful as everyone is very different and even my body 
changes like the blinking weather and everything has to be thrown out of the 
window and i have to start from scratch once more. On days like that i have 
decided that drink (alcoholic) helps a lot. Also if i am with anyone i always 
tell them what can happen and what to do if it does. This normally brings 
great hilarity from friends deciding to get there own back on me for past 
Any way have fun and enjoy yourself, and if this is a load of cr-p through it 
in your bin,((()))
Love Yvonne
This is from a 36yr old female who decided a long time ago life is to short 
to worry what people think of me...
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