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Re: [IPk] Still struggling with exercise

Jenny -

I find that if I have bolused Humalog recently before exercising, it can
cause my bg to plummet. It's as if the body suddenly becomes very sensitive
to the insulin, and at the same time the insulin rushes into circulation as
the heart starts pumping the blood much faster.

Two solutions:
1) I don't exercise within 2 hours of a meal.
2) If I have to, I eat fairly fast acting carbs just before exercising, or
during. Not glucose tablets (too fast) but maybe a Twix, and I don't bolus
for it.

This may go against the idea of using your insulin to control your bg,
rather than food, but it seems to be what works for me. But as always we
are all different, and you may just need to keep experimenting.


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