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[IPk] Exercise


	Humalog will still be coming into action during your aerobics class
- I can't remember what the proportions are, but it is certainly still
active in the third hour after delivery - so I guess the choices are to
either eat earlier or take less of a bolus and experiment with levels that

	Good luck.


> Hi all, 
> I know I've written about this before, but I am still
> having problems getting a balance when I exercise.
> Example:
> I did an aerobics class today from 9.30 to 10.30. At
> 8.30 ( an hour after breakfast(Weetabix)) I
> disconnected my pump with a blood sugar of 15.8. At
> 9.30 it was 13.2 but by 10.30 it had dropped to 2.4! 
> Is it worth me disconnecting _more_ than an hour
> before exercising? Or taking a smaller bolus with my
> breakfast? Any further advice would be gratefully
> received! 
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