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Re: [IPk] Disetronic webchat last night

On Wed, 01 Aug 2001, you wrote:
> Thanks for the info Di - I probably remembered the infusion
> bit wrongly.  I was bombarded with information for an hour
> and a half! 

It's not surprising! Especially if you don't know much about pumps, it's easy
to get confused by what you can do with which pump.

  I was also told that the
Disetronic was easier > to program by mistake because it only took one button
click > to program a bolus compared to 2 for the Minimed (isn't it
> actually a minimum of 3?).  I think this was my specialist's
> main objection.  John Davies told me of a case in the USA
> where somebody had crashed their car as a result of a hypo
> caused by the seal-belt buckle activating multiple boluses
> with a Disetronic (is boluses the plural of bolus?). 

When I first got my Minimed 506 I found that I sometimes changed the time on it
without realising. On that model, you only needed  2 button presses to chagne
the time, and it was easy to do by accident. I always thought that was weird,
because it was the first item on the menu, and it's not the kind of thing you
need to do every day! I think the designs of both pumps have improved a lot
since then though.

  It was
> interesting to see the chatroom notes though because Zoe had
> a Disetronic and seemed very happy with it.  I was really
> put-off at the start of my trial but that might have been
> because I was influenced by my specialists pre-conceptions -
> and she doesn't wear a pump of any type!

Most people who have a pump prefer the one they've got, although a few people do
switch allegiance and change over.  I can imagine that the choice of pump could
be heavily influenced by other people. If all your friends have got a Minimed,
or your pump centre/clinic/whatever is familiar with Minimed, you'll probably
end up with one too. And the same for Disetronic. And then once you get used to
it, you don't tend to want to switch, because you're familiar with how it works.
I would hate to switch to a percentage-based system for temporary basals,
because I'm not used to it, but if I had always had a percentage-based system,
I'm sure it wouldn't worry me at all. I really couldn't enviage ever using A
Disetronic now, but I'm sure if my first pump had been a Disetronic, I wouldn't
touch a Minimed with a bargepole :-) People tend to be very passionate about
their pumps, but then, how many other things do you live with 24 hours a day, 7
days a week? 

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