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Re: [IPk] Disetronic webchat last night

Hi Bev

> I am on a months trial at Guy's Hospital and was offered
> either a Minimed or a Disetronic.  I was put off the
> Disetronic however by the fact that you had a needle under
> the skin (rather than a tube with the 508) and I felt it
> might be more uncomfortable particularly when exercising and
> also the fact that you had to send it back every two years
> for servicing (at more cost).  

That doesn't make sense, because you can use any type of infusion set with
either pump. So you can use the needle one with the Minimed 508, and the
cannula one with the Disetronic. Disetronic sell their own version of the
Minimed Silhouette, called Tender. You were obviously badly informed about that.

  > As for the vaccination issue.  I had every vaccination on
> offer as a child but actually developed diabetes after
> catching chickenpox.  I don't know if there is a conection.
> I remain the only diabetic in my family.

>From what I understand, it's likely that the chicken pox was the trigger that
set of the diabetes, but that the "susceptibility" (choose your favourite word
here)  to diabetes was there all along. Typical triggers are stress and viral
illnesses. That's why more people are diagnosed in winter than in summer. I was
diagnosed after a bad dose of flu, but I probably inherited the susceptibility
from my dad. Whatever - my feeling is that if you're "susceptible" to it, you'r
egoing to get it sooner or later whether or not you have vaccinations,
illnesses, stress etc. If you don't get vaccinated, you'll probably get ill at
some point....not a huge lot of difference really.

hope to join in the Minimed chatroom.  Can I log-on from > home John with a
different e-mail address, as long as I quote > my work e-mail address (the one
I am registered with) when I > log-on?

You can log on from anywhere - just use the email address that you're
registered on the list with. If you're registered with more than one, you can
use any of them.
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