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Re: [IPk] Cannulars

>    Hi everyone,   Just wanted some advice regarding Cannulars please.  My
>problem is the  length of time they last, which on average seems to be 1-
>2 days.  I think  I have only managed to do the 3 days twice.  Frequently
>I need to change  them because of blood in the tube.  Tonite being a good
>example.   Blood sugars shot up to 18, checked the cannular and blood was
>seeping up the  tube.  I also find this happens a lot after I have had a
>shower.  (i  tend to disconnect the pump for a shower and use the clear
>plastic gadget to  seal the cannulars site.)  Is this a common problem or
>is it just me?

Hi Shaz -

I think blood seeping up the tubing is a problem some get more than others.
Certainly talk it over with people at your clinic, as they are best placed
to examine your infusion sites and advise you.

The good news is that there are things you can do to reduce the problem. I
find that certain areas of my stomach bruise more than others - it
particular up the centre of my stomach. So I learn from experience to avoid
those areas. What infusion sets do you use? Don't just stick with one set,
but try different sets and see which works best for you. SofSets have 2
different lengths of catheter - the bit that goes under the skin -
depending on how much fat you have. Rapids - which have a needle going
straight in - comes with different lengths of needle. Some prefer the bent
needle which goes in diagonally. I prefer the Tender/Silhouette - but you
have to experiment at what angle to put it in. Too deep or too shallow can
create problems.

Also, I rarely get 3 days from an infusion set. I know some get much longer
- they must have skin tough  as leather - but I'm a bit more sensitive ;-)
I usuaully change every 2 days.

Don't worry if you are not getting perfect control all the time. Set that
as a target, but remember that diabetes is a battle that is never won. You
just live to fight another day.

Let us know how you get on!

All the best -


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