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Re: [IPk] radio frequency device

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, you wrote:
>Oo!  I just got my radio frequency device.  And it works!  And the teal
>'ACT' button matches my teal pump - how thoughtful!! <VBG>

ooh, how exciting!

>Now, Franco, will probably be able to answer this.  Where do I keep the
>remote programmer to ensure I don't lose it.  And don't say on my keys,
>because it will be completely battered to bits.

Carolyn might tell you where she keeps hers, if you're nice to her :-)
I expect Franco puts his in his pocket or on his belt, but I guess the time
you'd want to use it would be when you don't have any handy pockets etc. to
put it in. Where do you keep your keys in that situation?
Could you put it in one of those tiny little purses (you know the ones
designed to just fit a few coins when you go out?) and then attach it to
your keys? That might stop it getting battered.
Or if you have your testing kit with you all the time, could you attach it
to that, or keep them together?

I'll probably be asking you the same questions if/when I persuade my LHA to
give me a 508 :-)
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