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RE: [IPk] hormones and basal rates

>Oh, I have plenty of fluctuations too and I don't always know what causes
>them! I stray about as far from the "recommended" diabetic lifestyle as is
>possible!  I tend to test and correct too, and try not to worry! But when
>you have low Bgs for a week, you begin to realise that something is going
>on, and since it happens most months, I am presuming it's hormonal.

Excuse me for being a man, but I do have a wife :-)

Do you think this is connected in any way with the phenomenon in pregnancy
where a woman's "normal range" for her bg becomes extremely low - ie
becomes what would outside pregancy be called hypo?

What I'm getting at is do you actually feel hypo when your bg is low during
this phase in the menstrual cycle?


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