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RE: [IPk] hormones and basal rates

hi Annie

>I have to admire any diabetic who can claim to know what causes each
>fluctuation in bg's.  Myself, I'm too undisciplined and have too many
>lifestyle variations (timing, eating, exercise and stress) from hour to
>hour, day to day, month to month to be able to attribute it to any one
>factor.  I tend to test often and correct as need be.

Oh, I have plenty of fluctuations too and I don't always know what causes
them! I stray about as far from the "recommended" diabetic lifestyle as is
possible!  I tend to test and correct too, and try not to worry! But when
you have low Bgs for a week, you begin to realise that something is going
on, and since it happens most months, I am presuming it's hormonal.

>To be sure, I do know that my bg has a tendency to drop dramatically the day
>before my period starts (the doctors tell me that "most" women find the
>reverse is true).  But as I said, I'm not disciplined enough to be able to
>state categorically that this happens every single month.
>I'm pleased to say that my basal is fairly constant (only two rates during
>the 24 hours - 0.3 and 0.4).  If any fluctuations occur, I tend to leave the
>basal alone (unless I'm planning on working outside then I'll drop it to 50%
>for the duration) and work on either topping up with food or bolusing to

My basal needs seem to change constantly, especially the nighttime ones. I
My dawn syndrome seems to vary constantly. It sems to alternate between 
needing an increase from 3am to around 7am, and from 8am to around 11am.
One might work for a few weeks or months, and then it'll change.
But I also suffer from insomnia from time to time, and I think this affects
things a lot. In general, if I'm awake, I need less insulin, and if my body
clock gets screwed up then the dawn syndrome does too. But I haven't been
able to make any specific correlations yet.

>  Treated the hypo and thought >I'd do the
savvy thing and reduce the basal from 0.4 to 0.2 for an hour and >a half. 
But, being used to bolusing around 2-3 units for a meal, and being >the
bright spark that I am (not!), I dialled up 2.0 units!!!!  Needless to
>say, until I discovered my stuff up and for some time after, I was
>struggling to keep upright.  I don't recommend this to anyone.  Just as
well >I learn from my mistakes. 

I've done similar things, and it is definitely the best way to learn!
Strangely, I've never misdialled a dose.
My classic mistake the other day was to have a bath, then spend some time
being disconnected - say 45 mins in total -  and then reconnect and bolus
the missing insulin without testing first. If I've bolused recently, a hot
bath will drop my BG, so I really don't need the missing insulin. Result is
one big hypo!

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