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[IPk] Carb Counting - Drinks

Dear All,
We seem to be having an interesting debate here.
Back in 1981 when I had the old MillHill infuser fitted at Guy's one of the  
questions raised by the two of us joining the "experiment" was how many 
"clicks" for how many pints (we were both serious real ale fans).
So we adjourned to the Dragon pub behind Guys (the only pub owned by the 
National Trust) armed with Blood Testing equipment and set about finding 
out. At the end of the evening (trying to out do silly Willy Hague before he 
was famous)we discovered that the first two pints needed one "click" (1.0 in 
modern undiluted speak) ,and after that one click every three pints kept the 
readings between 7.0 and 8.7 .  The Doctor , a non-diabetic who kept up pint 
for pint, had readings between 5.7 and 8.9 and we carried him back to the 
Seriously,/ insulin does act more quickly with the addition of alcohol, and 
as a fairly heavy drinker I count both the carbs and the %vol. of alcohol. 
The key message is that everyone's metabolism is different and therefore you 
just keep testing and watching.You know you have had too much when you 
cannot operate either the pump or the testing equipment. I have to say that 
doing blood tests in a Public Bar can lead to some interesting 
John mentioned that he enjoyed the odd whisky. Can I recommend 15yo 
Glenfarclas as Scotland's finest Single Malt Whisky - one of only two family 
owned Distilleries left in Scotland and the family have  a history of 
diabetes as well, I being part of that history/family.
Ian Grant
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