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[IPk] hormones and basal rates

A question for the women out there......

In general, for about a week each month my basal needs drop
fairly drastically (from around 1.2 to around 0.8). Nothing unusual about
BUT the problem is that I can never predict when it will happen, how long it
will last, or even if it will happen or not.
This morning I got up at 8.30, BG of 6.9mmol/l, had breakfast, 45 mins.
later had a BG of 1.5.  It's been lowish all day, so I know i need to drop
my basal back down again.  But it's so infuriating to have this happen
unexpectedly every time. And some time in the next 10 days my BG will
suddenly rise like a hot air balloon, and I'll have to put my basal back up
again. Some months it may not happen at all, sometimes it will last a couple
of days, sometimes it will last 2 weeks.
Does anyone else have this kind of problem?
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