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RE: [IPk] carb counting

>I am not comparing drinking 15g CHO-worth of sweet white wine with 15g
>CHO-worth of dry white wine.

But maybe you should.
Both would have the same carb content printed on the bottle.
So, one might assume that you should take the same amount of insulin for
Which could be dangerous.

 I am comparing 15g CHO-worth of sweet white
>wine with 15g CHO-worth of orange juice and the equivalent amount of dry
>white wine to contain the same amount of alcohol.

>One glass of sweet white wine would surely get me just as drunk and raise
>my bg just the same as one glass of orange juice + one glass of dry white

yes, but so what?

>>But I don't agree that it should be printed on the bottles, as
>>people with less knowledge might take it literally and could end up, for
>>example, with some nasty hypos in the night.
>Sorry, Di, but I think that's an outrageous statement to make! Don't give
>people information in case they misuse it and hurt themselves???? It's
>called education. That's why people like Julette are employed in clinics.
>Give us the facts, and train us how to use them...

That's all very well in a perfect world. But you have to consider risk
assessment. I', not talking blanket statements about not givin gpeople
info. I'm talkign about being selective with info in a particular dangerous
circumstance. Think how many people with diabetes are misinformed. When
exactly did you first discover precisely how different alcohols affected
you? Don't tell me you've never had a bad hypo after drinking. My dad's had
diabetes for 50 years, and he's only just come to accept the fact that
alcohol can lower your BG, and that you shouldn't necessarily count the
carbs in it as you would for food.

If you don't put the carb info on alcohol, people have to find out for
themselves what it is and what effect it has on them, which in my opinion
will lead to them becoming more aware in the long run. Tell them it's 15g
carb a bottle and, unless they know better, they'll take their 1 unit of
insulin to match, as they've been taught.

Of course people should be educated about alcohol, and if everyone were
properly educated, then it would be great to have the info on the labels.
But until that happens, I think it's better not to give them the info.


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