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RE: [IPk] carb counting

>This demonstrates that for a lot of fresh foods, you cannot accurately
>define the nutritional content - particularly carbohydrate. No database can
>know how sweet the blueberries are that Di has picked up in the
>marketplace. Only Di can taste the berries and find out. Likewise, as
>bananas ripen in your fruitbowl, the amount of available carbohydrate

I think fruit is a particular example. I would imagine that most other
foods don't change that much.
Or does the diet of a particular cow influence the carb content of its milk?
Maybe it does!

 >But Mr Kipling at the fruit pie factory will
measure the sweetness of his >blueberries, and add sugar to maintain the
consistency of his exceedingly >good pies. So he can print the nutritional
value on the packet. But we >cannot know the nutritional value of the
berries we've bought in the shop. >

Does Mr Kipling always use blueberries of the same sweetness?
Does he add more sugar if they're less sweet one day?
Does that mean that although the blueberries may have fewer carbs one day,
he will add more sugar and the carb content will remain the same?
Does that mean the nutrition info on the packet might not be completely
 Does anyone have Mr Kipling's phone number?
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