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RE: [IPk] carb counting

>I think we're arguing more or less the same point here :-)

I don't think we are ;-)

I am not comparing drinking 15g CHO-worth of sweet white wine with 15g
CHO-worth of dry white wine. I am comparing 15g CHO-worth of sweet white
wine with 15g CHO-worth of orange juice and the equivalent amount of dry
white wine to contain the same amount of alcohol.

One glass of sweet white wine would surely get me just as drunk and raise
my bg just the same as one glass of orange juice + one glass of dry white

>But I don't agree that it should be printed on the bottles, as
>people with less knowledge might take it literally and could end up, for
>example, with some nasty hypos in the night.

Sorry, Di, but I think that's an outrageous statement to make! Don't give
people information in case they misuse it and hurt themselves???? It's
called education. That's why people like Julette are employed in clinics.
Give us the facts, and train us how to use them...


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