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RE: [IPk] carb counting

>If I'm drinking, I have to have a) a normal blood sugar and b) meal insulin
>working in my system before I can drink.  Otherwise, my BGs go through the
>roof immediately, and I get drunk almost on the first sip.

You've just made me realise something similar applies to me.
It's not quite as extreme, but if my BG is high, alcohol will make it
higher (whereas normally it wouldn't have any effect).
Also, if I drink after I've been disconnected for some time, or on a lower
basal rate, that too will send my BG up.
So, the customary pint after goalball, when I've been disconnected for
nearly 2 hours, means I have to bolus a LOT.
it had never occurred to me why my BG always shot up afterwards.
Of  course, it also helps if I actually reconnect my set properly (made
that mistake last time, then drank a pint of beer, and by the time I got
home my Bg was into the 30s!)

I can, however, drink successfully on an empty stomach (though of course I
know you shouldn't anyway). 
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