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RE: [IPk] carb counting

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Di wrote:
>>I would agree with Julette that it could be very dangerous to put the carb
>>content on alcohol. it seems to be something that varies a lot from person
>>to person. For example, both beer and wine have carbs in, but I count some
>>of the carbs in beer (depending on what type it is) and none of the carbs in
>>wine. And if I drink a lot, I lower my basal from the early hours of the
>>morning until lunchtime. At least, if I remember to :-)
>>I think it's much better to test the effect of different alcohols and
>>adjust your insulin accordingly.

And John replied:
>I don't understand you, Di.
>If I drink a glass dry white wine with my dinner, that may or may not
>affect my subsequent bg. But if I drink sweet wine instead, how does my
>digestive system know whether the sugar in it came from the wine, or from
>my dessert? Surely I need to know how much extra carb I've added to my
>digestive system, just the same as if I'd been drinking orange juice.

Hmm, I think we have crossed wires here, John.
I never said anything about my body knowing how much carb is in something.
What I mean is that you still need to be able to *account for* the carbs in
alcohol. BUT, if I drink a glass of sweet wine that claims to have 15g
carbs in, I may not need 1 unit of insulin for it. I may need more or less.
I don't know, as I never drink sweet wine. However, i could drink an amount
of dry white wine that contains 15g carb (however much wine that would be)
and I would definitely not bolus for it, because I know from experience
that I don't need to. I would be very surprised if I didn't need to bolus
for the sweet wine though. So, my point is that it's useful to know how
much carb there is in alcohol, so you get a rough idea, but that you
shouldn't base your bolusing on this info - you should base it on
experience. So, for people like us, it would be useful to know the carb
content. But I don't agree that it should be printed on the bottles, as 
people with less knowledge might take it literally and could end up, for
example, with some nasty hypos in the night.
I think we're arguing more or less the same point here :-)

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