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RE: [IPk] carb counting

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, you wrote:
>Dear me, I seem to be offending people today, is it something in the
>Di , I didn't say you couldn't read labels correctly, I am simply
>pointing out that there are many things that make a carb content of a
>food, whether it be you or the manufacturers incorrectly
>mis-interpreting what it should be (not saying you necessarily are...).

Perhaps I misinterpreted your mail, Julette, but it seemed to put forward a
very condescending attitude that the reason people think that food labels
are incorrect is because people don't interpret them correctly.
I think most people here are intelligent enough to realise that, for
example, the package serving size and what we consider a serving size may
be different, and that the label might specify the content per serving/ per
100g/ whatever. Perhaps I was a bit hasty, but if you didn't mean that,
then I don't know why you made the point.

I don't have any specific queries about food values - in general, if I
don't know, I use one of the websites with nutrition info, but it would be
handy to have a book for when I'm not near a computer!
Like when I've just bought some blueberries in the supermarket on a Friday
night and don't want to wait till Monday to find out how much carb is in

 >There are many factors all pumpers need to remember about
label reading, >I was simply pointing out some of the things... >
>If there are foods you are unsure about (without labels), let me know
>directly, I can get the calculations for you... jules :)
>Julette Kentish
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