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RE: [IPk] carb counting

I don't think it is old fashioned advice. What works for you is great
because you know exactly how much to alter your insulin by how it
affects you.  You are THEREFORE acting on experience which I think is
important and essential - rather than blanket guides which we know don't
suit everyone.

As a general rule, I would still recommend give insulin for alcohol. If
you know how it affects you (which I said before and obviously you do
John) I probably should have added - and as a safe guide shouldn't give
the same insulin per CHO ratio as carbohydrate in an another meal.  

And I do believe you can get better control by frequent testing and
using quick acting insulin (ICT or pumping) - which is what our
intensive and pump patients have been finding. Without frequent testing
you would probably have a poor idea about your BGL insulin dose
requirements etc.. BUT there are many other factors involved in
achieving good control. Some of them we all don't know about yet, and
some are simply unpredictable. 

Steadfastly, Jules : )

Julette Kentish
Diabetes Research Dietitian
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East - Bournemouth DORSET BH7 7DW
ph: 01202 704929
email @ redacted


Drink Type	                             General Carbohydrate Value
per 100ml	
Beer -bitter, draught, keg	2.3g	
Beer - larger	1.5g	
Stout	4.2g	
Strong ale	6.1g	
Cider - dry	2.6g	
Cider - sweet	4.3g	
Cider - vintage	7.3g	
Red wine	0.3g	
Rose wine	2.5g	
White wine - dry	0.6g	
White wine - sweet	5.9g	
Champagne (sparkling wine)	1.4g	
Port	12g	
Sherry -dry	1.4g	
Sherry - sweet	6.9g	
40% Spirits 	N/A	
ABOVE TABLE AS DETERMINED BY Bournemouth Diabetes & Endocrine Centre
2000. Use is permitted on request/acknowledgement. Details: 01202
704929, Dietetics.
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> From:	John Neale [SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent:	21 August 2000 09:41
> To:	email @ redacted
> Subject:	RE: [IPk] carb counting
> >	Dear Pat, I would never count the carbs in alcoholic drinks,
> >simply because alcohol itself can make your BGL drop even the next
> day.
> >Unless you have exactly the same alcohol, and same activity, same
> meal
> >and you know exactly how it affects you, I would never recommend
> someone
> >bolus.
> Julette - I think saying "forget the carbs in alcohol" is rather old
> fashioned. It predates the idea that you can get tight control by
> intelligently using fast acting insulins like Humalog and frequently
> testing.
> I'm not saying that you should bolus as normal for carbs in alcohol.
> Far
> from it. But it is important to work out for yourself how alcohol
> affects
> your bg in the following 12 hours - or even longer. And to use this
> information properly, you still have to know how much carbohydrate
> you've
> consumed. In fact, it becomes even more important to know the
> nutritional
> content of that bottle or glass.
> I'm not a heavy drinker, but I do drink regularly. It's part of our
> diet
> here. Bottle of wine (between 2) with dinner, perhaps 2 or 3 times a
> week.
> Or a bottle of beer with my lunch. I don't bolus for the dry red and
> white
> wines that I like. But I do bolus for the Pils beers. I also enjoy
> whisky,
> and I find in moderation that doesn't affect my bg.
> >I have had people say even seasonal variation in one class of
> >wine can affect them differently.
> That doesn't surprise me - but since the manufactures (or vinters or
> brewers...) already have to tell us the alcohol content, which varies
> from
> season to season, or brew to brew, why can they not tell us the
> carbohydrate content? Would it spoil their elegant labels perhaps? ;-)
> John
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